If you’re like us, you love the finer things in life: Great food. Time well spent with friends and family. A beautiful Florida sunrise.

We can’t guarantee the weather, but we can make sure your next event is truly special.

At BB Catering and Mozart Catering, we bring delectable kosher meats and dairy directly to your door. We’re available for celebrations of all shapes and sizes, whether you’re hosting a family gathering or the Wedding of the Century.

And the food? Take a look:


Fresh mozzarella on a Mediterranean-style flat bread is one of our favorite appetizers. It’s a hit with people of all ages, and there’s just no beating the flavor of a ripe tomato plucked straight from the vine.


Our kosher butcher shop provides amazing cuts of lamb and beef, and we marinate them in our signature blend of herbs to create a heavenly entree. Seasonal vegetables are always in the mix, as we focus on selecting only the most colorful all-natural ingredients for our dishes.

Is your mouth watering yet?

We’d love to bring our favorite dishes to your next party or event. To get started planning, give us a call at [PHONE NUMBER], or get in touch via our website at [URL].

And if you just can’t wait for a sample, visit our sister restaurants Butcher Block Grill and Mozart Cafe to see what we’re all about. We’ve been serving the finest ORB Kosher meals in South Florida, and we can’t wait share the fun with you!

Hope to see you soon!

Your Friends at BB Catering and Mozart Catering

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